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Hourly Cleaning:

$65/hr (Team of Two)

Hourly cleanings are for clients who have homes over 3300 sq. ft. or have special cleaning requests. You can give us your customized cleaning list at checkout under the “comment section” or we will use the list to the right.

We have 3 hours as a starting estimate. If your home takes less than 3 hours, we will only charge you for time spent with a minimum time charge of 2 hours.

General Time Guidelines:
3300 – 3900 sq. ft. – 2 to 4+ hours
3900 – 4500 sq. ft. – 2.5 to 5+ hours
4500 – 5100 sq. ft. – 3 to 6+ hours
5100+ – 3.5 to 7+ hours

Do you want us to complete the cleaning even if it exceeds your hourly estimate?
Yes – complete my cleaning
No – only clean up to my estimated time

Would you like to receive a phone call if the cleaning time exceeds your estimate?

Yes, I understand that this service is $65 an hour with a minimum of a two hour visit and is charged by the minute.

calendar Choose date:

Sundays Closed

buildings Choose square footage and # of bedrooms and bathrooms:

buildings Choose estimated time:
Take your best guess, we will only charge for actual time spent cleaning.
  • Fridge/Freezer
  • Oven
  • Baseboards
  • Blinds

What We Clean

All Rooms

  • Dust all furniture
  • Polish all furniture
  • Dust all misc. items
  • Dust all windowsills
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Remove trash
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Sweep floors
  • Mop floors
  • Dust and sanitize light switches


  • Scrub & sanitize sinks
  • Scrub & sanitize counters
  • Place dishes in the dishwasher (if empty)
  • Clean surfaces
  • Clean outside of appliances
  • Clean inside of microwave


  • Make all beds
  • Change linens


  • Scrub & disinfect toilets
  • Scrub & disinfect tubs
  • Scrub & disinfect showers
  • Scrub & disinfect sinks
  • Scrub & disinfect counters
  • Clean mirrors
  • Polish chrome

To deliver a quality cleaning service takes the right people, doing the right jobs, using the right equipment on a consistent basis. We use a team approach based on total quality.

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