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Our Company Vision

We emphasize the importance of the individual and his contribution to the success of High Quality Cleaning Services. We encourage our employees to ride themselves in their performance. As a service company, we are only as good as our employees.

Since 2008

To deliver a quality service takes the right people, doing the right jobs, using the right equipment on a consistent basis. We use team approach based on total quality, which means have the right questions been asked? Has the right information been gathered? Has the right training been done? How can we do it better?

All employees receive tasks raining through “a hands-on” approach training. Meaning that under supervisory watch the new employee is partnered with fully experienced employee and instructed in the operations, care and use of tools and equipment. There for the employee learns our cleaning methods and learns how to work as a part of an efficient team. We constantly update our methods and training as well as use efficient cleaning systems for each individual applicant.

Since all of our employees receive the same training, our customer’s profit from our methods. Employees can be substituted in any area with no loss of quality and efficiency. Our Managers and supervisors are responsible for providing support and leadership to help all our employees meet their objectives and to ensure success on daily basis.


Our Team


Better Choice Cleaning Services is the only company from which the president visits and works with the cleaning crew to know how the service is been performed. The president with his 15 years of experience guides the cleaning crews to help them to improve their skills to satisfy our customers.


They have the responsibility to verify all the cleaning details at your location. Also they have a schedule to visit your location frequently to speak with the building managers about how the cleaning crew has been performing the job.

Cleaning Crew

Better Choice Cleaning Services understands the necessity to give the best of our services. That is why we hire people with cleaning service experience. In addition, they receive a special training to serve you better.

Floor Man

The floor crews are in charge to take care of your facility floors and carpets. This crew has the responsibility to strip and wax your floors and the services of carpet treatments. They have been trained to do their service professionally.

Our Accreditations


To deliver a quality cleaning service takes the right people, doing the right jobs, using the right equipment on a consistent basis. We use a team approach based on total quality.

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