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Carpet Cleaning in Houston, Texas

 Are you looking for a carpet cleaner in Houston?

At Better Choice Cleaning we offer a range of carpet cleaning services to fit your needs. Your carpet will look and feel brand new, and your home will feel so much better. Just imagine what your friends will think when they visit your home!

Why Choose Us for Carpet Cleaning in Houston?

We have over fifteen years of experience in cleaning carpets, and many people know us as the best carpet cleaner in Houston. This is because we do everything we can to provide you with consistent and high quality carpet care, and we have a team of highly trained carpet cleaners who are selected for their experience and expertise.

Our Process

Our carpet cleaning service begins with an inspection of your carpet, because we understand that each carpet cleaning situation is unique. We note the problem areas and areas that need extra attention, like spots with deep stains and high foot traffic.

After this we use our unique hot water extraction method which removes as many stains as possible to get your carpet cleaner than ever, and even removes dust and dust particles that you may not be able to see.

Commercial Steam Cleaning Service

Better Choice Cleaning is Houston’s professional cleaning company, from residential to commercial. That means our well trained staff will bring the equipment and expertise to your home that’s strong enough for commercial cleaning, yet priced to bring you the greatest value. We aim to bring you quality cleaning service with the greatest of ease, allowing you to breathe easy in your fresh like new home.

Rest Easy

Knowing Your Home is in Good Hands

Our carpet cleaning services are designed to keep your home fresh and spotless, creating a healthy environment for you and your family to live in while freeing up your time to focus on the other important things in your life.

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To deliver a quality cleaning service takes the right people, doing the right jobs, using the right equipment on a consistent basis. We use a team approach based on total quality.