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 To keep the environment clean and healthy is the need for the hour. Sanitation and cleanliness are essential as letting your apartment disorganized and dirty can negatively affect your mental and physical well-being. There are many scientifically-backed health benefits of a clean house. But, in today’s fast-paced world, a lack of time makes house cleaning hard for many individuals. As a cleaning business, it is our responsibility to put the best effort into providing our value to the customers.

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Get rid of dust

Dust, which is made up of many different tiny particles, including insect waste, animal dander, dirt, paper and textile fibers, pollen, and animal feces, filters into your apartment no matter how hard you try to restrict them. Rather than having these unwanted impurities circulating in the air of your apartment, have all the dust removed entirely from your house, including from drapes, blinds, upholstery, carpets and from those areas where it loves to straggle.

Amazing health benefits of a clean apartment

  • Less stress – A dirty and disorganized home leads to mental clutter. You might have learned to live with multiple piles, but they are most likely to attack you more deeply than you realize. Your stress levels are undoubtedly linked to your space. Getting your home organized and making it perfectly clean can help you manage your stress level.
  • Better sleep – When your house is clean, you sleep better. In fact, according to the survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, it is revealed that just making your bed boosts the chances of getting a good night’s sleep by up to 20%.
  • No more sickness – A clean, healthy apartment leaves fewer places for bacteria and germs to hide. Additionally, allergens and dust build-up in upholstery, bedding and carpeting over time contribute to worsen asthma and allergies. House cleaning is a must if you want to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy.
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Reasons why house cleaning is a top priority

  • Maintains the condition of your house for years
  • Clean home keeps things organized and saves you time
  • Always keeps you prepared for the surprise visitors
  • Reduces your stress level, provides better health, and gives you a sense of pride

Why opt for Better Choice Cleaning?

When hiring a professional residential cleaning service, one must find out what these cleaning processes are used. Not all residential cleaning companies are equal to the service level they perform. Better Choice Cleaning provides best apartment cleaning Houston and can perform added services such as upholstery cleaning and deep rug for cleaner air, improved maintenance, and a spotless, clean, fresher look. Our wide range of house cleaning services covers every need of the customers, from deep cleaning to repairing and restoration. Better Choice Cleaning team offers far more in professional house cleaning services, including:

  • Wall cleaning
  • Area rug and carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Blind and drapery cleaning
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Grout cleaning and tile and restoration
  • Concrete floor care, repair, and restoration

Trained staff

Better Choice Cleaning staff is specifically trained to provide professional cleaning services. Having a professional cleaner arrange your residential space that will make your house look germ-free, healthy and cleaner than ever.

Professional equipment and tools

One of the most significant advantages of a professional house cleaning service is that it comes with its own tools and equipment that regular people do not own. This raises the level of cleaning to a greater height and will also get the job done quickly and professionally. When their tools are used in house cleaning, you will instantly notice how different it is. Most importantly, special equipment and tools allow the professional cleaners to deal with some more challenging problems while house cleaning. A cleaning company that comes with their own equipment can resolve any house cleaning issue in no time if you have a certain situation which is impossible to deal with by yourself.

Why choose Better Choice Cleaning? A little about us

Since 2008, Better Choice Cleaning strives hard to deliver high-quality move out cleaning services for your residential place or apartment that takes the right people using the right equipment and doing the right jobs consistently. All the staff receive training under the supervision of experienced professionals. An experienced employee instructs the new employees in the operations and use of equipment and tools for house cleaning. To meet the objectives and success goals daily, the supervisors and managers are responsible for providing leadership and support to the employees.

Set a good example

House cleaning shows a sense of responsibility and self-discipline. It also sets an excellent example for the people around you. It is a great opportunity to teach your kids the importance of keeping a clean house and fulfilling their own set of responsibilities. Not only this, it encourages you to maintain cleanliness and become more productive because you have already had a taste of the benefits that come with a sanitary, clean home.

Offering commercial services, such as rooms, living rooms, as well as bathrooms, kitchens including, move out services and much more.

All Rooms Services

Dust all furniture
Polish all furniture
Dust all misc. items
Dust all windowsills

Dust ceiling fans
Remove trash
Vacuum carpets

Mop floors
Dust and sanitize light switches
Sweep floors


Scrub & sanitize Sinks
Place dishes in the dishwasher (if empty) 
Clean  Surfaces
Clean Outside of Appliances
Clean Inside of Microwave 


Make all Beds
Change Linens 


Scrub & Disinfect Toilets, Tubs, Showers and Sinks
Scrub & Disinfect Counters  
Clean Mirrors 

Move Out Service Items

Clean Baseboards
Clean Miniblinds  
Clean Refrigerator and Freezer Inside & Out 

Clean Oven
Clean all Cabinets Inside & Out  

Customers Love Us!

Customers Love Us!


To deliver a quality cleaning service takes the right people, doing the right jobs, using the right equipment on a consistent basis. We use a team approach based on total quality.

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