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 We emphasize the importance of the individual and his contribution to the success of High Quality Cleaning Services Services. We encourage our employees to ride themselves in their performance. As a service company, we are only as good as our employees.

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Residential Services

Making arrangements for a house cleaning service in Houston shouldn’t take unnecessary time and effort. Standard residential cleaning is a relatively simple service, so scheduling an appointment for a home cleaning service should be simple as well. And that’s what we offer atBetter Choice Cleaning Services: fast booking, reliable service, and guaranteed satisfaction. At no point in the process is anything complicated, so from start to finish, getting a house cleaning service from us is as easy as can be!

Attention To Detail

We pride ourselves on being a versatile company in terms of working with our customers to deliver the service that best fits their homes and their schedules, and as a house cleaning service in Houston that always goes the extra mile, we make sure that every customer gets the service that is most appropriate for them. This attitude has worked well so far, and it’s helped us become one of the most trusted house cleaning companies in Houston. We have a lot of different services to choose from as well, so there is certainly no shortage of options when it comes to picking the service that’s best for you.

We specialize in residential cleaning services

Offering commercial services, such as rooms, living rooms, as well as bathrooms, kitchens including, move out services and much more.

All Rooms Services

Dust all furniture


Polish all furniture


Dust all misc. items


Dust all windowsills


Dust ceiling fans


Remove trash
Vacuum carpets


Mop floors


Dust and sanitize light switches
Sweep floors


Scrub & sanitize Sinks


Place dishes in the dishwasher (if empty) 
Clean  Surfaces


Clean Outside of Appliances


Clean Inside of Microwave 


Make all Beds


Change Linens 


Scrub & Disinfect Toilets, Tubs, Showers and Sinks


Scrub & Disinfect Counters  
Clean Mirrors 

Move Out Service Items

Clean Baseboards


Clean Miniblinds  
Clean Refrigerator and Freezer Inside & Out 

Clean Oven
Clean all Cabinets Inside & Out  

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To deliver a quality service takes the right people, doing the right jobs, using the right equipment on a consistent basis. We use team approach based on total quality.